Currently, a total number of 15 countries belong to the FCI Asian and Pacific Section which includes 6 full members (Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, India, Thailand), 7 associated members (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand) and 2 contract partners (China, Pakistan), and Mr Takemi Nagamura, President of the Japan Kennel Club, is presently serving as President of the Asia and the Pacific Section.

The Asia and the Pacific Section holds the General Committee meeting once a year, and the General Assembly once in 2 years.


The number of dogs registered in the respective stud books of the Asia and the Pacific Section member countries for the year 2009 are Japan for 439,238 dogs, Taiwan for 11,834 dogs, Korea for 18,059 dogs, Philippines for 66,612 dogs, India for 35,037 dogs, Thailand for 12,190 dogs, Singapore for 1,206 dogs, Indonesia for 34,063 dogs, Malaysia for 16,939 dogs, Sri Lanka for 775 dogs, Hong Kong for 1,231 dogs, Australia for 66,588 dogs, New Zealand for 8,492 dogs, China for 28,689 dogs and Pakistan for 2,216 dogs.

The respective member countries are actively holding the dog shows including the FCI CACIB shows, as well as other dog sports such as grooming competitions, agility competitions, obedience trials and rescue dog trials.

Asia and the Pacific Section Meetings

The Asia and the Pacific Section hold the Section General Committee meeting once a year and the General Assembly every 2 years for the meaningful interactions. These meetings are held in the host country for the Asia and the Pacific Section Show of that year.

As for the year 2010, our Section General Committee meeting was held in Bangkok, Thailand where the Asia and the Pacific Section Show 2010 was held. In that meeting, Mr Nagamura reported on the FCI General Committee meetings and the General Assembly, and it was also decided to hold the Asia and the Pacific Section Show 2013 in New Delhi, India and for the year 2014 in Tokyo, Japan respectively. It has already been decided to hold our Section Show 2011 in Seoul, Korea and for the year 2012, it will be held in Manila, Philippines. On this occasion, the General Assembly of the Asia Kennel Union was also held at the same meeting venue. These meetings are held for the purpose of improving the Asia and the Pacific Section through exchanging the information, and were surely valuable to deepen exchanges between members.

Section General Committee meeting AKU General Assembly

The next Section General Committee meeting will be held together with the General Assembly in Soul, Korea where the Asia and the Pacific Section Show 2011 takes place.

FCI Asia and the Pacific Section Show 2010

The FCI Asia and the Pacific Section Show 2010 was held at IMPACT Exhibition Centre in Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday, October 23. This Asia and the Pacific Section Show is the first Section Show ever held in Thailand. In the show venue, being held in Thailand, the statue of Hanuman was displayed and the traditional Thai dance was performed at the ceremony, clearly reflecting the exotic Asian characteristics captivating the galleries. In addition to those, many cooperation stands were set up, as well as the area for the Thai massage was provided with clouded galleries.

Show venue (Entrance) Show venue (Hanuman)
Show venue (Thai massage) Show venue (Traditional Thai dance)

On October 21 (Thu) and 22 (Fri), the 73rd and 74th KCTH All Breed Championship Dog Shows were held respectively, and on October 24 (Sun), the AKU Championship Dog Show was also held in the same venue. The total number of entries for over 4 days was 1,800 dogs, and those dogs came not only from Thailand but also from other neighbouring countries. As for the breeds, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Siberian Husky, Labrador Retriever, Beagle had the high number of entries, and besides those breeds, many Thai Ridgeback Dogs and Thai Bangkeaw Dogs which are both originated in Thailand were exhibited as well. The panel of judges consisted of 6 foreign judges including Ms Renee Spore-Willes from Sweden, Mr Paul Stanton from Sweden, Mr Masamitsu Fukushima from Japan, Ms Carla Molinari from Portugal, Mr Jocelyn Croad from Australia and Dr Jose Mendiola from Philippines, and also 2 Thailand judges, Mr Thana Achariyawan and Ms Ladawan Chothithada, and they have done superb job of judging for 4 days.

Panel of judges for the Section Show Judging

In addition to the aforementioned dog shows, the Thai Ridgeback & Thai Bangkaew Specialty Dog Show was held, and before the specialty show began, Ms Spore-Willes, President of the FCI Standard Commissions and Mr Stanton examined Thai Bangkew Dog which is currently seeking the approval for the new FCI recognised breed.

Examination of Thai Bangkaew 1 Examination of Thai Bangkaew 2

Ms Spore-Willes has judged for the BIS at the Section Show, and while the galleries are looking on, a Siberian Husky won the BIS and the venue was filled with everyone’s applauds for the winner.

Section BIS winner

FCI Asia and the Pacific Show 2011

The Asia and the Pacific Section Show 2011 will be held in Seoul, Korea on Sunday August 28, 2011. In addition to the show, the AKU Championship Dog Show is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 27 at the same venue.

Eukanuba World Challenge 2010

The Eukanuba World Challenge 2010 was held in Long Beach, California on December 4 and 5, 2010, and a Siberian Husky, the BIS winner of the Asia and the Pacific Section Show 2010 as well as delegating dogs from Australia, China, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan have participated in the said Challenge from Asia and the Pacific region. At the Eukanuba World Challenge held on December 4, a Borzoi representing Japan and a Pug representing Philippines, a Toy Poodle representing Singapore were selected as the finalists, and at the Eukanuba World Challenge Final held on December 5, a Borzoi “SUNBRUST HUNTSMAN AT MECHTA” (JKC BZ-00338/09-O) was beautifully selected as the Eukanuba World Challenge Runner-up 2010 by Ms Carla Molinari from Portugal and other delegating dogs from Asia and the Pacific region also have achieved successful results.

Borzoi representing Japan at the EWC

Japan, Presidency Country of the Asia and the Pacific Section
(Japan Kennel Club)

The Japan Kennel Club (JKC) was founded in 1949 after the World War II. The JKC organised its first dog show in November 1950 with around 300 entries, a remarkable number at that stage. In 1963, the JKC had become a FCI associated member, taking a big step for the globalisation. The Asia Kennel Union (AKU), an association of the most important Asian countries, was founded in 1972 on the initiative of the JKC that also took over its presidency. The AKU helped ensure to deepen the relations in the canine world of Asia and also to raise the level of each other. The JKC had become an FCI full member in 1979, and have been attending the FCI General Committee meeting representing the Asian Section since 1980. The JKC made a huge leap not only nationally, but also internationally, deepen exchanges with the FCI member countries as well as many other countries including The Kennel Club (the Great Britain), the American Kennel Club (AKC), Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and so on.

JKC headquarters

The JKC has around 1,000 member clubs located throughout Japan with around 100,000 individuals belonging. The JKC Board of Directors consists of Mr Takemi Nagamura who is 6th President of the JKC since 2006, and another 16 Directors and 3 Auditors. The board of directors is elected every two years by the General Assembly. The board of directors meets 6 times a year to make decisions on which measures should be taken. The JKC headquarters make sure that these decisions on matters such as services rendered to members, issuing of certified pedigrees, etc., are implemented properly.

In 2009, the total of 439,238 dogs from 142 breeds was registered with the JKC, with Poodle made up the largest share of 90,881 dogs. In 2009 alone, a total of 229 dog shows including 15 FCI international dog shows were held. Besides the dog shows, the JKC is also holding the IPO trials, obedience trials, agility competitions, rescue dogs competitions, grooming competitions, handling competitions and such every year.

In addition, one of their foremost priorities is the training of junior handlers. In seminars and competitions, around 200 young people are currently being trained. The best ones take part in the JKC National Junior Handling Competition which is organised on the occasion of the JKC Annual Dog Show. The best junior handler in that competition is sent to England to participate in the International Junior Handling Final at the Crufts.

JKC National Junior Handling Competition

Furthermore, as Japan is frequently struck by earthquakes, the JKC have been training rescue dogs ever since 1990 as well.

President of the FCI Asia and the Pacific Section