Two dogs on the top in Norway
The Norwegian Kennel Club was the host for DOGS4ALL – Nordic Winner Show 27.-28. of November. The largest dog show ever in Norway with more than 6.500 entered dogs. 18 countries were represented, and the competing dogs were bred in 60 different countries!

There was a lot of excitement related to this year’s winner of “Bamsestatuetten” – the award given by the Norwegian Kennel Club to the most winning show dog of the year. Up until Saturday there were three eligible competitors that could end up as this year’s top winning show dog; Treis Pinheiros Matisse Sw (Dachshund, wirehaired) with 66 points, and Showline Sporting Step (Greyhound) and Zanta of Quantos (German Shepherd), both in 2nd place with 63 points. 

Treis Treis Pinheiros Matisse Sw has had great success in the show ring this year with several BIS-titles. Showline Sporting Step is Norway’s representative in the Eukanuba World Challenge (EWC) 2010, and Zanta of Quantas was Norways’s EWC-representative and the most winning show dog of the year in 2009. DOGS4ALL was their final chance to compete for the final points towards the award “Bamsestatuetten” and becoming the most winning show dog of 2010.

On Saturday the greyhound Show Line Sporting Step was judged and qualified for the group finals. However, she ended up as number four in the group, and thus lost the ability to compete for the top this year.

On Sunday, breed groups 1 and 6/4 were shown, and the big question was whether Zanta by Quantos was able to earn enough points to match Treis Pinheiros Matisse Sw’s position on the top of the list. In order to do so, Zanta had to win another three points by winning the BIS-finals, while Matisse could not be placed better than BIS 4. If Matisse were to be placed as BIS 3, or better, the he would be the sole winner. Both dogs won their respective groups so it was all in the hands of the BIS judge Marit Sunde.

In a very exciting BIS-finale Ms Sunde finally decided it all by placing Zanta at the top of the podium as Best In Show, while Matisse was unplaced. This resulted in two winners – each with 66 points and both placed on at the top of the most winning dog list in Norway!  Only once before has there been two winners. In 1992, the first place was shared by Bradir Chuck Norris (Briard) and Oak Von Haus Schlüter (Leonberger).

But – it’s first time in Norwegian history the “Bamsestatuetten” is awarded to same dog for the second year in a row as Zanta was the most winning show dog in 2009 as well!

German Shepherd, Zanta Av Quantos
(W. Johansen & Inger Lise Jensen - NO).

Scottish Terrier, Haya Melscot (Josip – Croatia).

American Akita, Estava Rain Front Row (Friedrich Birkmar - NO).

Winners of Bamsestatuetten – the most winning show dogs 2010 - Dachshund Treis Pinheiros Matisse Sw and German Sheperd Zanta av Quantos

DOGS4ALL was also hosting this year’s Nordic Championship in Junior Handling. All five Nordic countries had sent their best junior handlers to Norway where they would compete both individually and as teams against each other. In the team finals, judge Michael Gadsby (Great Britain) placed Norway first, Sweden second and Finland as third. In the individual competition Victoria Gill (Norway) was placed first, Sandra Norén-Wallin (Sweden) as second, and Patrick Oware (Norway) as third. 

The Norwegian Championship in Junior Handling also took place during DOGS4ALL. The winner and Norway’s representative in CRUFTS and Junior Handler of the Year 2011 was, for the second year in a row, Patrick Oware.

The Norwegian Junior Handler Team, winners of team competition in the Nordic Championship in Junior Handling. (from the left: Malene Haddeland, Chanett Orre, Victoria Gill, Patrick Oware)

The title Nordic Winner was awarded to the BOB- and BOS-winners, and the Junior Nordic Winner title was awarded to Best Junior of each sex. The Norwegian Kennel Club wishes to congratulate all winners and their owners. Congratulations are also in order to our excellent junior handlers and to all of you that won the Nordic Winner title this weekend.

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